Exploring new countries, learning about different cultures and trying out a career in the Foreign Service – these are only a few reasons why an internship with the German Auswärtiges Amt is so attractive. In this new series, interns at the Embassy and Consulates General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Canada share the adventures during their time in Canada.

At the Embassy and Consulates General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Canada, we welcome regularly young Germans who spend six weeks to three months with us in Canada. During their paid internship, they have the opportunity to work together with our departments: culture and communication, science, politics and law. Before they head back home, they shared their experience in Canada with SoGerman.

Did you know?

You can find information about internships with the German Foreign Service hereYou can also apply for internships at German institutions in Canada, including the Goethe-Institut.


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