The SoGerman Mission

What makes this transatlantic connection so successful? People.

The partnership between Canada and Germany has been a lively and multifaceted one for many years. At the centre of this exchange are the personal encounters, visits and collaborative projects that provide a deep understanding.

SoGerman presents a wide variety of German-related activities and other opportunities taking place across Canada:

-Information on academic study, research stays and opportunities to learn the German language,
-upcoming business and networking sessions,
-movie showings, concerts, art and museum exhibitions,
-lectures, panel discussions and talks,
-and social gatherings to practice your German.

Want to join? More information here:
Eligibility Requirements

Canada and Germany – important partners

Canada and Germany have been successful partners for many years with memberships in the NATO, the G7 and other committees, the sharing of common interests and values, and numerous collaborations on cultural, scientific, economic and political levels.

The website SoGerman is operated by the German Embassy in Ottawa, the Goethe-Institut and the DAAD North America (German Academic Exchange Service).

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The limits of my language are the limits of my world.
- Ludwig Wittgenstein