Early on in our relationship I had to constantly ask him if he was okay – because for my Canadian standards if he was not smiling, he was not happy,” Roxanne Neujahr says. She and her German husband Dieter Neujahr lived in Munich, Germany, for the past 13 years and recently moved to Canada with their two children. We met them in Ottawa to talk about the differences between German and Canadian culture and to look behind clichés – always with twinkle in the eye.


Germans in Toronto Part 3

Languages are key to global citizenship

“Brösel, Brösel, he didn’t say goodbye,” the class tells teacher Sarah Beuchel at the end of class. With floppy ears, a red nose, and a trendy neckerchief, the hand pupp [...]


Germans in Toronto Part 2

A planner at heart and by trade, Jule Lorenz-Elliot has devoted hundreds of hours over the past five years founding the network VIEW STORY

Germans in Toronto Part 1

GermansinToronto is a community of German immigrants, German-Canadians and German-speakers from around the world. They regularly meet up in Toronto to expand their lang [...]

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