Tell your Valentine “Ich liebe dich!” with a German song! We listed 10 favorites you can send your Liebling to express your feelings!


“Die Eine 2005” (The Only One) by Die Firma (2005)

Find the lyrics here. *Warning: This song contains a marriage proposal.**


“Liebeslied” (Love Song) by Annett Louisan (2009)

Find the lyrics here. 
Ideal soundtrack during a romantic dinner.


“Ein Kompliment” (A Compliment) by Sportfreunde Stiller (2009)

Find the lyrics here. 
If your Mausebär loves acoustic music. Perfect before taking your sweetie out for a date!

“Lieblingsmensch” (Favorite Person) by Namika (2015)

Find the lyrics here. 
A big hit in the German charts and hopefully a hit when your Schwarm listens to it!


“Ich weiß nicht, ob es Liebe ist” (I don’t know if it’s love) by Die Ärzte (1985)

Find the lyrics here. 
In case you are not 100% sure if your love is returned, you might find out with this song by one of the best known German punk band Die Ärzte, who have performed since the early 80s.


“Herz an Herz” (Heart to Heart) by Blümchen (1995)

Find the lyrics here. 
Heart racing promised. Also a great song if you dislike slow dancing!





“80 Millionen” (80 million) by Max Giesinger (2016)

Find the lyrics here. 
If you found your Schätzchen by pure coincidence, this is the perfect song for you! Max Giesinger sings about how he found his one love among 80 million people.





“Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann” (Anyhow, anywhere, anytime) by Nena (1984)

Find the lyrics here. 
“Love is made of courage” – so go ahead and send this song to your secret crush! Viel Glück!



“Ich und Du” (Me and You) by Philipp Poisel (2008)

Find the lyrics here. 
Brings summer feelings back when he met a flaxen-haired girl.




“Wir beide” (The two of us) by Juli (2006)

Find the lyrics here. 
The two of us will always be together.


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