The Goethe-Institut offers internships year round in different areas of work to students in advanced semesters or after graduation, providing insight into a Goethe-Institut’s activities. Interns participate in the planning and implementation of cultural programs and assume tasks in language work and education cooperation as well as in the information and library department.

The cultural program focusses is on contemporary German culture, especially dance and electronic music whereas the library provides its users the opportunity to use a full catalogue of recent and classical German literature, contemporary music and German films of all eras. Besides carrying out language courses, the language department’s mission is to promote German as a foreign language in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

Steckbrief Fanny


Germans in Toronto Part 3

Languages are key to global citizenship

“Brösel, Brösel, he didn’t say goodbye,” the class tells teacher Sarah Beuchel at the end of class. With floppy ears, a red nose, and a trendy neckerchief, the hand pupp [...]


Germans in Toronto Part 2

A planner at heart and by trade, Jule Lorenz-Elliot has devoted hundreds of hours over the past five years founding the network VIEW STORY

Germans in Toronto Part 1

GermansinToronto is a community of German immigrants, German-Canadians and German-speakers from around the world. They regularly meet up in Toronto to expand their lang [...]

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