The German Embassy, the Goethe-Institut, and many more partner organizations are delighted to be joining Canada in celebrating its sesquicentennial year. “Germany @ Canada 2017” is a series of events that honour the German-Canadian friendship, from the rich history of immigration to cultural collaborations to the incredible innovations spawned by our transatlantic cooperation. Find out more about the event series here.

The video below is an interview with graphic designer Udo Schliemann, who designed the “Germany @ Canada 2017” logo, filmed by the Goethe-Institut Toronto. 

Udo Schliemann is the Principal Creative Director at Entro Communications in Toronto and the competition-winning designer of the “Germany @ Canada 2017” logo. In this interview with Michelle Kay, librarian of the Goethe-Institut Toronto, Udo speaks about his creative process when designing logos, his sources of inspiration, and the differences between German and Canadian design sensibilities.

Find the original article here.


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