Saint Francis Xavier University
Modern Languages Department
Immaculata Building
2360 Notre Dame Ave
Nova Scotia
B2G2W5 Canada


The German courses are designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of German language and culture skills.

Our courses provide them with basic communication skills to allow them to understand, speak and read on a basic level in contemporary situations.

At StFX we expose our students to a the wide range of German culture and language through:

  • Our Annual German day at StFX!

With speakers from a wide range of expertise (Nova Scotia Symphony, SAP, BMW, Faber Castell, Georgetown University, Stuttgart University, Marine  Biology, Mercedes- Benz, Porsche….)

  • Our annual study trip to Berlin or Stuttgart
  • Our active German Society that organizes extracurricular activities like film nights, Octoberfest, lectures and more
  • “Kaffee und Kuchen”  our weekly conversation classes


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