BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 CALSCALE:GREGORIAN METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT UID:6306855a8e131f121f8 DTSTART:20171012T183000 DTEND:20171012T000000 DTSTAMP:20171012T183000 ORGANIZER;CN="Goethe-Institut":mailto: CREATED: DESCRIPTION:Margarethe &\; Barbara\r\n…&\; Hannah &\; Rosa &\; Marianne &\; Juliane. New German Cinema director Margarethe von Trotta has been working with actress Barbara Sukowa for over three decades\, portraying women who think\, question and rebel. GOETHE FILMS presents MARIANNE &\; JULIANE (1981)\, ROSA LUXEMBURG (1986) and HANNAH ARENDT (2012) as a conversation about female resilience.\r\nHANNAH ARENDT (Germany/Luxembourg/France 2012\, 113 min)\, directed by Margarethe von Trotta\, with Barbara Sukowa\, Axel Milberg\, Julia Jentsch &\; Ulrich Noethen\r\nTIFF 2012\r\nNew York Jewish Film Festival 2012\r\n2 German Film Awards 2013\r\n​Audience Award for Best Narrative Film\, Women + Film Voices Film Festival\, Denver 2013\r\nIn April 1961\, German-Jewish political theorist Hannah Arendt left her New York exile for Jerusalem to report on the trial of Holocaust organizer Adolf Eichmann for The New Yorker. Her writing became enormously controversial for its depiction of both Eichmann and the Jewish councils\, and for its introduction of the concept of the “banality of evil”. Making use of original film footage from the trial\, as well as real testimony from survivors and prosecutor Gideon Hausner\, this biographical drama captures Arendt at one of the most pivotal moments of her life and career.\r\nDetails\r\nLanguage: with English subtitles\r\nPrice: Tickets $10 at TIFF Bell Lightbox in person or by phone or online (as of 2 weeks prior to Screening) LAST-MODIFIED:20171012T183000 LOCATION:TIFF Bell Lightbox\n350 King Street West\, Toronto SUMMARY:GOETHE FILMS: "Hannah Arendt" by Margarethe von Trotta SEQUENCE:0 TRANSP:OPAQUE END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR