BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 CALSCALE:GREGORIAN METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT UID:3174535a8ea3e679e25 DTSTART:20170713T000000 DTEND:20170923T000000 DTSTAMP:20170713T000000 ORGANIZER;CN="":mailto: CREATED: DESCRIPTION:Sven Marquardt + Marcel Dettmann Saturdays between 12–5pm as well as during scheduled Calendar events.\r\nBlack Box unites Sven Marquardt’s images and Marcel Dettmann’s sound.\r\nBorn in East Berlin Sven Marquardt was a defining part of the emerging Punk\, New Wave and arts scene in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood from the mid 1980s. With the fall of the Berlin Wall he halted his work as a photographer and immersed himself in the reunited city’s rising night club scene. The subject-matter of ‘Night’ left a strong impression on Marquardt since the end of the 90s due to his work as a doorman at the Ostgut club. Marquardt has been working on the door of Berghain since 2004.\r\nMarquardt’s work combines formal severity and clear imagery with bleak impermanence\, impresses through interaction of ease\, severity and the dramatic art of monochrome contrasting. The ever changing metropolis of Berlin has shaped Marquardt’s sensibility for striking characters\, his sense for the unusual in humanity and his artistic subject.\r\nMarquardt’s body of work has stood the test of time of major societal and cultural changes. His photography seems classic\, the underlying contents of his images merge past\, present and future. There are echoes of transformation and reformation in his work\, as in one of mankind’s oldest symbols of the snake shedding its skin. The imagery plays with ideas of transforming creatures and takes on different appearances\; in other words: there’s more than meets the eye.\r\nDJ and producer Marcel Dettmann is recognised as one of the most influential proponents of contemporary Techno. Widely associated with iconic places – Berlin\, Berghain and Hard Wax – Dettmann stays true to his roots by consistently innovating his interpretation of electronic music\, integrating art with the Scene. LAST-MODIFIED:20170713T000000 LOCATION:Never Apart\n7049\, rue Saint-Urbain\, H2S 3H4 Montréal SUMMARY:Exhibition - Black Box SEQUENCE:0 TRANSP:OPAQUE END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR