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A Lecture by Curator Ute Meta Bauer

Feb 20, 2018, 6:30 pm
Canadian Centre for Architecture

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Spaces of the Curatorial: South East Asia

Event organised by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with the CCA, UQAM and Hexagram.

Curator and director of the NTU CCA Singapore, Ute Meta Bauer investigates the profession of the curator in Southeast Asia, a region experiencing a time of increased global visibility as well as nation and institution building. In the Philippines and Singapore, a wide range of excellent museums and collections function like similar infrastructures globally. At other locations, the space of the curatorial is where art gets produced in studios, in artist residency programmes –  often run by artists for artists – or in smaller organisations, most often also created by artists due to the lack of spaces to show art, to meet and to discuss. The profession of the curator is fairly new, and time and again it is artists that undertake to present their own work and those of their peers.

How do artists, curators and art historians engage with the intricacies of a particular place, and how do they respond to the specificities of the local under the expectations of the international? It is crucial to acknowledge the multitude of voices in this complex history of the region. What emerges is a highly diverse art system that shifts away from traditional formats to embrace new or alternative platforms—from symposia to fieldwork—with the aim of emphasizing producing and curating as a process of critical thinking that goes beyond presentations and representations.

The lecture will be followed by a conversation between Ute Meta Bauer, Barbara Clausen (Curator/Art Historian, UQAM) and Alice Jim, (Curator/Art Historian, Concordia/Hexagram).

Language: English
Price: Free

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